Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis-Scott

Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis-Scott

In this article Scott analyzed the concept of gender and how it affects our umderstanding of history. One main point is that gender is a social construct. It is not about biology, but it is a socially agreed upon concept. Following along with this is the idea that gender history must be studied in its historical construct; how genders are view today is entirely different from 1000 years ago. Scott also talks about how gender history cannot be separted, you cannot study men without women or women with men. They are two parts that work together to creat the whole picture.

Scott also talks about power. Power to her is not one centralize entity, but an unequal disperment over many groups. She also talks about which history is written, she discusses how the dominent history is often viewed as the only one. This fits into the idea of “history is written by the victors.” She calls attention to the importance of gender and the effect that it has on the interpretation of history. She believes it is the job of new hitsorians to analyze history and challenge the fixed interprations of events and make them more universal and timeless.

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