Good vs Bad Primary Source

Good vs Bad Primary Source


Harper, Ida Husted. The History of Woman Suffrage. Vol. 6. New York: National American Woman Suffrage Association, 1922.

This is an example of  a good primary source as it is one of the few complete histories of the Women’s suffrage movement from that time and was the very first one written. It was written by a suffragettes who had a first hand experience of the moment. However, this book must also be taken with a grain of salt as the suffragette who wrote it was a part of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, Because of this, there could be a certain level of bias in what the chose to record. However, because it was the first complete history of woman’s suffrage it was the work that shaped how the movement would be view in the the future and is an valuable source.


Watson, Martha. A Voice of Their Own : The Woman Suffrage Press, 1840-1910. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1991.

This work is a bad example of a primary source. It is a collection of article written by suffragettes during the movement. The concern with this book is the same as the previous. The author could potentially be picking article that push their views of the movement rather than the movement as a whole. However, this book does not have the rarity that Harper’s book does by being one of kind in its field, making it a potential bad example of a primary source.

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