The French Revolution-Soboul and Furet

The French Revolution-Soboul and Furet

Soboul and Furet’s articles have conflicting views of the French Revoltution. Soboul views the revolution from a Marxist, or class, point of view. He saw it as a transfer of power from one elitist group to another, changing relatively nothing in the long run as far as leaders were concerned. While this interpretation is based on sound sources, the sources are largely biased. However, that is not really different from other interpretations of history either.

Every event can be interpretted 1000 ways and can be reasonably backed up by reliable sources. Soboul’s interpretation was one of many. This is idea is solidified by the article written by Furet, which has a completely different interpretation. He beleived that the revoltion brought about the first true democracy in France. In his article, Furet actually questions Sobouls interpretation of the French Revolution. 

These two historians illustrate that events can be interpreted in multiple ways. They both have two different views but that also both had reasonable evidence to support their view. The interpretation of an event is dependent upon the agenda of the person writing it.

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