What is History-Carr

What is History-Carr

What is history? It is the events of the past that people have deemed worthy remembering. In this article, Carr discusses different historians and how they chose to write about history. He started with his own beliefs: history is a combination of facts of the events and how they are interpreted.

He then moves on the Leopold von Ranke, whose beliefs challenged his own. von Ranke believed that history should be based on the facts and the facts alone. It was the job of historians to provide the facts and then divine Providence would provide the meaning of the history. Then he switches to Collingwood, whose views matched more with his own. Collingwood viewed history as a mixture of subjectivity and objectivity and recognizes that history has biases because of this.

Carr goes on to discuss several other historians such as Burkeheart who coined the phrase enlightment and Marx who views history from a class point of view. This article is similar to Gilderhus, in that it analyzes historians and how they wrote about history.

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